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All Stories End

bird-158884_960_720.pngCharacters grow tired.

Plots lines resolve.

Stories must have an end.

If they do not, they stagnate. Plot lines become convenient. Characters become contrived. Overall, things just degrade. In a manner of speaking, the story of this blog is going to end, but like a phoenix, it will rise again. Transformed, dare I say transmuted, into something that I hope will be better than what it was.

When I first started this blog, I intended to use it as a way to practice storytelling and get some feedback on my writing. If you’re willing to take a trip through time, you can still find the first fourteen or so chapters of the second story I ever started working on among my earliest posts (I hope you don’t, it’s most likely embarrassingly bad.) It’s a story about a young boy who gets flung deep into space on a colony ship that he has no business being on. I was eager when I started writing it, and I still intend to revisit Gideon one day and finish telling his story.

Gideon’s first incarnation had to die. He had to burn to ash and cinder for me to move on to something new. I wasn’t ready to tell his story yet. So I moved on to tell the story of Rhea Saturna. I wrote Mercury, Sulfur, & Salt.

The fires of change crackle and sizzle at my feet again.

I’m nearing the completion of my first rewrite on Transmuted. (Between writing this and editing it, the first rewrite was completed) It’s still a ways off from being published, but I need to start thinking about changes again. As such, I’m going to stop writing book reviews.

One of the most frequent pieces of advice I came across while reading about writing was to read like my life depended upon it. So I did. I read book after book, but I crave understanding. I have a mind that revolves around analysis, structure, and details. So I took what I read apart. I figured out what I liked and didn’t like about characters, plots, and story telling devices. I wrote these things down and I shared them. In a macabre sort of way, my reviews have been autopsy reports that I’ve shared with you. I think I’ve done enough of that.

So if you’ve followed me for the book reviews, I’m sorry, I won’t be writing any more of them. I will be leaving all the reviews I’ve written up, but I hope to start posting more articles about writing. Whenever I have enough time to really throw at reading again (I’m working full time, I’m trying to nurture an introverted social life, I’m designing a game, and I’m writing), I want to add a widget where I can display what I’m reading. I’d still love to talk about books with any of you, and I want to thank you for coming along on this adventure with me. Keep your eyes out for the coming changes!



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