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The Spiral Continues

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Last time we visited Anon, he had just begun his spiral down into insanity. At this point I had nearly run out of Gary Busey GIFs, so as a way to soften the blow dealt by the absent GIF, I began making the stories longer. I hope you enjoy the continuation of the downward spiral.

Day 14:

I had to run from the curmudgeon monsters. They wanted me to mate with their queen in an attempt to create some kind of super curmudgeon. I couldn’t let them have my genetic material; the results could be…they could be…something that no mind could even comprehend. I’m all alone now and it’s so incredibly dark in here. I’m beginning to wonder if I know what’s real anymore.

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Day 15:

The curmudgeons are relentless in their pursuit. I can always hear their yipping, high-pitched howls in the tunnels behind me, driving me deeper and deeper into the earth. Their queen travels with them, her deep bellowing roars a stark contrast against their shrieking wails. The darkness that engulfs me has caused my thoughts to turn inward, towards the darkness within myself. Nietzsche was right, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back into you.

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Day 16:

I met a small warped creature with a magical ring, which he referred to as his “precious”. I won the ring from him in a contest of riddles, and discovered that the ring makes me invisible! The curmudgeon queen no longer threatens me! But I have begun to notice ghostly whispers in the dark. They urge me on to depraved acts, and I fear that I will not always have the ability to resist. The ring urges me deeper and deeper into the mountain caves, deeper into my caves. In the deepest depths of the mountain I have seen things…I have seen things that my pen could not suggest. Things that no human mind could comprehend, yet I some how understand them and see a beauty to their alien form. Things that warp my crumbling sanity further than I thought possible. I fear that I now cling to the last bare threads of what I was. I fear that I will never be able to unsee what I have seen, or regain what I have lost.

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Day ?:

My ability to separate fantasy from reality has all but left me. I felt as though, if only for a few moments, I was in a brighter place. A better place. Food had dimensions of flavor I had never before experienced, the water was sweet like sun-touched wine, and the air gently caressed my face. Now I am in this place again. Now I am again entombed in darkness, deep within the earth. I’m not sure if I ever actually left. I wonder what cruel tricks the ring still has in store?

Day 2:

I am unsure how much time I spent in the false sun-filled fields, in an effort to better track my time underground I have decided that today is Day 2. Yesterday was surprisingly merciful, I dare say that I may have even enjoyed myself. I believe it is because I am beginning to understand the ring, beginning to accept the whispers it graciously offers me as truth. I now find the darkness that wraps me like a warm blanket comforting. With the thumb spiders, the Curmudgeon monsters, and their queen all behind me, I have come to understand that I belong here. These are my tunnels, my  mountain.

Day ??:

I lost myself in the sun soaked fields again. Crisp, clean air filled my lungs and birdsong my ears. I cannot say how long I was there, but I constantly felt a sense of unease. I longed for the familiar darkness of my tunnels. The dank earthy air and the rigid stone walls called to me. When I finally woke, I found myself in a new place, a giant room with a smoothed stone floor. An pale green glow illuminated the room, throwing shadows across the colossal statues lined the walls. My fingernails were cracked and caked with blood, and sickly sweet smell clung to me.



Be on the lookout for the third and final post of writing exercises, as Anon’s story continues.


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