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Book Review : The Last Colony

last colonyTL:DR;

We see the return of  John Perry and Jane Sagan in The Last Colony. Scalzi does a great job again, weaving an interesting and compelling story. However, this time around we focus more on galactic politics and less on galactic warfare. John and Jane are sent off to establish a new human colony with their adoptive daughter Zoe. But little do they know, they are just pawns in a political game of stellar chess. Overall I would highly recommend this book and would go as far to say that it is a must read if you’ve read the two before it.

The Bad:

1. There is a glaring plot hole in the book. Near the beginning of the book a group of colonists have several encounters with intelligent tribal werewolf-like creatures that involve some humans dying and the werewolves butchering the humans. After these events, the werewolves never show up again. This really annoyed me.

The Good:

1. We’re brought back to characters we know and love from the previous books, John Perry and Jane Sagan are the main characters of the story. Not only do we get to spend more time with these characters Scalzi does a great job of ensuring we enjoy the time we do spend with them.

2. The plot of the story isn’t as heavy with military science fiction (there certainly are many military scifi elements though), this books deals more with science fiction politics. The change of pace is both refreshing and kept me completely engaged.

3. The book is well written. The flow of the story remains uninterrupted from start to finish and to the best of my knowledge it is free of odd phrasing and grammatical errors.

4.The ending. Not only was the ending of the book satisfying, the ending was very fitting and well crafted for the entirety of the three book series.

The Meh:

1. It’s the last book in the series, and its always sad to see characters you love go.

Story Synopsis :

John Perry and Jane Sagan have made a life together on a CDF colony planet with Boutin’s daughter, Zoe. However their lives quickly change when a CDF representative shows up and asks them if they would be interested in being the heads of a new CDF colony. After some deliberation they accept and enter the political circus that surrounds this new human colony. Amidst some mild political dissension they embark on the journey to their new colony planet with colonists from 10 other prominent human worlds. Immediately upon arrival it becomes painfully obvious that things are not as they should be. As the story progresses it becomes clear that this new colony is just a pawn in a political game much larger than any of them knew. Will John, Jane, and Zoe be able to prevent the galactic war that looms on the horizon? Or will they be swallowed up by the CDF’s political scheming?


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