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Book Review : The Runner by WJ Davies

The RunnerTL:DR;

WJ Davies book, The Runner, is a great story set in Hugh Howey’s Wooliverse. Davies does a great job capturing the essence of what makes the world of Wool so compelling. You care about and understand his characters. They feel real and you want only the best for them. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone.

The Bad:

1. Not much negative to say about this book really. There was a part or two of it that seemed a bit unbelievable to me, but it’s fiction, and they were minor, so I let it go.

The Good :

1. You care about Davies characters. They are interesting, they have depth to them, and you can understand and empathize with their choices.

2. If you’re a fan of Wool, you’re really going to enjoy the setting of this book. Davies does a great job capturing the desperate and dark feel of the Silo.

3. The overall story is great. It’s compelling, you want to know what happens next and why. Davies also artfully leaves several questions unanswered, leaving the reader to wonder how certain things played out, or how certain people reacted.

4. Loved the ending.

The Meh :

1. It’s a bit short, but really its marketed as a shorter story and priced appropriately. I would have just liked a bit more meat to get through.

Synopsis :

The great flood cannot be stopped, its cold and unforgiving waters inexorably creep forward. Ace knows the Silo is doomed but risks his life everyday trying to slow the encroaching waters, despite the fact that the Silo took the only man he’s ever loved from him. But every man has his limits, and one day after nearly drowning on a dive Ace reaches his. Ace wants to develop new and better suits. He wants to explore the forbidden outside,  searching for people who can help his Silo, someone can save them all from a watery death. And Ace will get his wish.


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