From Fireballs to Lasers

The sudden shift in my surroundings disorients me. My reasoning and logic feel thick and sluggish. Trying to coax rational thought from my brain is like trying to cut through an old growth tree with a spoon. The world around me doesn’t make sense. Just a few moments ago I was riding in the back of a horse drawn carriage, a beautiful and dangerous woman sat across from me. Even knowing she was dangerous, I felt safe around her, I felt loved.

Now I sit cold and alone, the horse drawn carriage has evaporated like loose dust on the wind. Pristine looking metal walls surround me, forming long hallways and massive rooms that have seen little to no human use. I know something beyond the sudden change in scenery is deeply wrong, but I’m not sure what. I’m bombarded by unpleasant, but human, sensations that I have scarce recollection of and struggle to process. I am back aboard the Seraphim.


That’s what it felt like yesterday when I started writing Gideon’s story again. Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt had advanced to a point where my hands were tied. I’ve got the basic cover idea down and it only requires some tweaking (which I prefer to do when I’m in the mood for it, I feel the results I get are far superior), and I can’t do much else with the actual story until I get more beta reader feedback. I just gave out copies of the story Sunday, so I don’t expect to hear or see much back until the end of the week. (However, I have had one reader go through the story twice already, and leave me some glowing compliments on it. It was an amazing feeling I tell you.) So with Rhea’s story frozen for the time being, I found myself wanting to write or work on improving my writing and I was drawn back to the Seraphim.

The shift from a fantasy world to a cold and empty spaceship has been a bit jarring, but thus far I’ve really enjoyed it. As I write about Gideon’s trials and tribulations in the Seraphim, I’m reminded of many of the obstacles Rhea had to face, and I find myself frequently wondering if the two of them would be friends. They come from hugely different walks of life and respond to situations in different ways, but they are both around the same age, and they both have parental issues. I like to think that the two of them would get along rather well after a bit of a rocky start. Who knows though? I seriously doubt the two them will ever meet up (I mean, I COULD make that happen, but bridging the gap between their two worlds seems…difficult) so I suppose I’ll just  have to keep on dreaming on that one.


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