Beta Readers!

beta-readerI’m finally nearing that terrifying phase of things where I’m going to expose the edited and mostly polished version of my work to people other than myself and my girlfriend. That’s right, I’m beginning the hunt for a few beta readers for my first ever published fantasy short story entitled Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt. Let me tell you, its kind of scary. The idea of showing something I’ve put so much time into to someone else in order for them to critique it just rattles me to my bones, but its something I’m going to have to get over if I  expect people to willingly shell out a dollar or so for the finished product.

I initially thought that finding a few would probably be a challenge. I’m pretty sure half my Facebook friends don’t even realize that I’m actually writing a book I want to publish and sell, so if these people who I have real life connections to have no real interest in what I’m doing, why would anyone else? While I don’t have any volunteers for the position yet, it seems that there are a number of websites out there with beta reader groups, Goodreads has a group for beta readers, and so does deviant art, as well as huge number of other websites out there (there are some specifically dedicated to beta readers). I’ve also discovered there are beta reader groups specifically for fanfiction, I found this to be both odd and interesting, but I’m not sure why.

That being said I wanted to offer everyone who follows my blog the opportunity to be one of my beta readers. No pressure to take me up on the offer, hell you’d be doing me a favor.  But the fact that you’ve all found me interesting enough to follow me means a great deal to me and it has been a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation, so I wanted to give you all the opportunity to volunteer before I began looking elsewhere. At this point in time I only want about five to ten readers depending upon the overall response I get. If you’re interested in checking out my short story before I push it out for sale, and letting me know what you think works and what doesn’t, please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to discuss what I’m looking for with you. 

I can be reached via :
prjstahl@gmail.com (please put the phrase “beta reader” in the subject)



or if you want, you can just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you!


3 thoughts on “Beta Readers!

  1. I know what you mean by it being scary. I always feel antsy whenever I show anything I’ve done, though I’ve never fully understood why.

    I’d certainly be interested beta reading. When are you hoping to receive responses by, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. I think it’s scary because in a way you’re baring yourself to people, allowing them to see something that is highly personal. Writing has always seemed like a really intimate experience to me. You pour your heart and soul into the work, you give birth to the characters and watch as they learn to walk, you throw challenges at them to help them grow. Then at the end of all of it you give it over to someone and say “Read this and tell me what is wrong with it.”

    In regards to when I wanted the responses I was hoping within a week or two (even though I’ve been lucky enough to have two people read through the story in completion already and give me opinions.). The story itself isn’t very long, just over 11 thousand words / around 27ish pages of 8×11.

    Thus far it’s been a pretty interesting experience though. One of my betas had tons of positive things to say along with a few side notes on parts of the story that needed some work. The other beta had less nice stuff to say and much meatier critiquing (she actually has creative writing training and such though, so it was really to be expected).

    But if you’re interested just shoot me an email at prjstahl@gmail.com. If you’ve got a gmail account I’ll just share a copy of the story with you on google drive, if not I’ll send you a .docx or .pdf, whichever works better for you.

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