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Book Review: Old Man’s War


Old Man’s War by John Scalzi is a fantastic book. I finished it in three days (would have been one day if I didn’t have stuff to do, like a 40-hour-a-week job). The book is a scifi / military fiction book, but I also feel like its a great deal more than that. Scalzi’s characters jump off the page and make you care. I would highly recommend this book to anyone I know, if you’re a military or science fiction fan this book is a must read.

The Bad:

I Loved this book and really can’t think of anything overtly negative to say about it.

The Good:

1. The concept behind the book is quite clever in my opinion and I greatly enjoyed it.

2. His characters are fantastic, both the main and supporting cast. No cardboard here. Not only are they all believable, all his characters are entertaining and engaging. I understood and related to their motivations and understood their hardships while sharing in a great deal of the emotions they expressed in the story.

3. The book has a beautiful balance of technology and storytelling. I find a great many science fiction writers want to beat you over the head with their creative technologies and explanations of how said technologies work. Scalzi does not do this. He keeps the focus on his story and subtly weaves the science of his world in with the story telling.

4.  The book remains engaging from start to finish, even if we aren’t immediately thrown into a battlefield with bullets whizzing by our heads. Scalzi keeps the situations his characters are in interesting while keeping the dialogue fun when it doesn’t need to be serious.

5. The ending was fantastic.

The Meh:

1. The main characters thought’s are sometimes displayed in parentheses. I normally hate this, however in this book most of the instances of it were acceptable. There was one however that I didn’t like, (Drink your milk kids!).

Story Synopsis:

John Perry has just turned 75, on his 75th birthday he does two things. Visit his wife’s grave, and then joins the military. Enlisting in the Colonial Defense Forces is something many 75 year olds do on the assumption that the CDF has some kind of secretive technology that makes them young again. Really, what good is a shuffling 75 year old with rheumatoid arthritis going to do on the field of battle versus nightmarish and dangerous aliens? Shortly after signing up John rides the Beanstalk, an orbital elevator, up into space and embarks on what may be the greatest adventure of his life. As the adventure unfolds we learn that the universe is not a very forgiving place.John has gotten himself into something much bigger and more dangerous than he had initially expected, will all the genetic enhancements and new technologies bestowed upon him be enough to keep him alive in a universe that wants to do little more than kill him?


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