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Book Review : Arisen : Maximum Violence: Book Four

Like Zombies? Like military fiction? Then the Arisen series may be for you! In the Arisen series the world has fallen to a zombie apocalypse, and the only surviving nation is Great Britain. It’s unique geography, specifically that it’s an island nation, has allowed them to survive the fall of the rest of the world. But how long can they hold out against the unending onslaught of the undead?


This is the fourth book in the Arisen series. I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first three, but I still most definitely enjoyed the book. The characters are interesting and engaging but I really felt a bit of a disconnect between some of the characters behaviors in the first three books and this book. In the end, if you’re a fan of zombies, I would highly recommend the book as well as recommending the entire series.

The Bad (Facts):

1. The only solidly bad thing I can come up in regards to this book are a few typographical / editing errors.  The one that sticks out the most to me is the misuse of a character name near the end of book. The character in question is in the Great Lakes area of the USA in one chapter, the next chapter the writers mistakenly use his name in place of another character’s name, magically teleporting this character halfway across the country. Not a deal breaker for sure, but fairly significant editorial mistake.

The Bad (Opinions):

1. There were some very odd phrases and word uses that really threw me off and broke my engagement with the book. I attribute this mostly to the fact that the authors of the book (Glynn James, and and Michael S. Fuchs) are, to the best of my knowledge, British, and I am American. I normally wouldn’t even bring this up, but I don’t recall being thrown by any phrasing or word usage in the previous three books so I see it as a bit of a negative mark in this book.

2. Some of the character’s behavior kind of drove me crazy. Once again could be me, but I feel like several of the characters changed for the worse between the books.

3. Several of the characters do things that are….unrealistic. I try and let things like this go, it’s fiction, heroics and feats of great strength are expected. However, when a perfectly human person gets doused in aviation fuel, twice, then set on fire, you aren’t going to beat the flames out on that person, and they aren’t going to get up and start shooting zombies after the flames go out. They’re going to burn to death or at the very least go into a coma/shock.

The Good :

1. The book is engaging. James and Fuchs do a great job keeping the reader deep in the action and keep the suspense high.

2. The writers put a really interesting spin on the zombies. If you’re at all familiar with bio-mechanics you realize that part of it is highly improbable, but hey, we’re dealing with zombies. Also again, fiction.

3. I love the lore of the series. The way they set the world up really makes a great deal of sense to me and I love that.

The Meh :

Move along, nothing to see here.

Story Synopsis :

Handon and his team of elite operators, with a potentially world-saving scientist in tow, are attempting to escape a dead America. We follow them as they traverse Lake Michigan, heading for Beaver Island in an effort to meet up with their ride out of a zombie filled hell. The only problem is the super carrier that is set to ferry them safely back to Great Britain has been run aground off Virginia Beach. To make matters worse, a gigantic storm of zombies is heading right for the carrier. Will any of them be able to escape with their lives?

If you want to read this one, be sure to check out the rest of the series.


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